What is Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail is the easiest way to get started in the cloud. Lightsail provides compute, storage, and networking at a low fixed price. But, it doesn’t stop there, your Lightsail instances are built on and can leverage the power of the rest of services that AWS offers. This means that you can start building more quickly than ever before, but are not limited in what you can do long term.

Deploy and Scale a LAMP stack application on Amazon Lightsail

In these labs you will deploy a scalable fault tolerant LAMP stack application. To start off both the PHP front-end into a single Lightsail instance based on the Bitnami LAMP blueprint. Next you’ll deploy a highly-available Lightsail managed database, and redirect the web front-end to use it. Then you’ll use Lightsail snapshots to scale the PHP front end, and place those instances behind a load balancer.